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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website! My name is Bri and 2023 is my year to make things happen! As 2022 is coming to an end, my list of passions has grown SO BIG! Not only am I running our full time photography business, but I am also going full speed ahead with our Etsy shop and trying to get my digital scrapbooking on board too! So with all of that being said, I decided to get an early start and check things off my list of things I need to get done… It’s now or never, RIGHT! 

I have started a few blogs over the years… one for my photography business, another for my home decor Etsy shop and a third one for my digital scrapbooking! But I’ve never combined them all in one blog before for a zillion reasons! Welp, that has all changed and I decided to take a leap and put everything on ONE site! 

First of all, Photography and Scrapbooking go hand in hand! I’m a memory keeper, I’m a photographer, I’m a mom and I want to document it ALL! I want to inspire y’all to get those pictures in some type of format and get them printed! There’s many ways to do this, but I like to scrapbook digitally and add them to a book! Flipping through memories on Facebook is BLAH… but flipping through memories in a book that anyone can pick up and reminisce over is M A G I C A L!!! 

Secondly, decorating my house is a big thing for me and I want to share the things I use in my home with you! So my Etsy shop plays a big part on what I feel is trending and also what I am currently decorating with! Now, I totally get what I like may not be what you like and that is okay, but I want to post pictures and help inspire those with similar tastes! 

And finally… This will be a space where I intend to share information about a variety of topics that I frequently bounce between;  family photography, home decor, DIY projects, digital scrapbooking and workshops! So welcome! Settle in and let’s have some fun!

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