Happy 2023… well almost!

Celebrate endings… for they precede new beginnings

Well, 2022 is coming to a sweet end and my life is so different than it was 1, 5, and 10 years ago! I’m reflecting back on all the things as I’m an empty nester this year and just remembering all the sweet memories I have with my son and husband! We are all on to bigger and better things and that is the way it should be, right? But my mama heart still thinks of Hayden as a little dude and I must remember he is a married man now! HAHA! I don’t think my brain will ever be able to convince my heart!

I wanted to start this blog series for all of my mini sessions and to help clients navigate through picking clothes and accessories! So here we are, off to a super start… NOT! I’m posting about NYE minis 5 days before the sessions! BUT, better late than never, right???!

New Years Eve Minis

This new set up is going to be amazing and I’m hoping all my clients are going to love it too! We’ll have confetti, some fun pennant flag, 2023 glasses and SO MUCH FUN! We are going to dance and giggle and make memories to last a lifetime!

Props for the session!

New Year’s Styles for Girls & Boys!

Click the image below to take you to my Amazon list to see some of the clothes I picked that will make your session extra special! This is also great to just look at to get ideas about what to wear and you do NOT have to purchase anything off of this list! Don’t worry about shoes for this session… they are not needed!

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